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Andrew Williams

on digital innovation

Formerly the GC and Chief Compliance Officer of a major international bank, Andrew Williams, Senior Consultant at Simmons & Simmons, discusses digital solutions, barriers to digital innovation and FinTech acquisition.

Managing regulatory risk

in FinTech Partnerships

Regulatory risk is cited by our survey respondents as a key deterrent to acquiring FinTech organisations, so how can financial institutions and asset managers best address regulatory and related risk concerns in the context of partnering with FinTech firms?


Darren Fox

on asset management

Darren Fox, Partner at Simmons & Simmons, discusses the impact of digital innovation on the asset management sector


Key findings

A revolution is coming in the financial services sector.


Ben McGuire

on digital innovation

Ben McGuire, COO of the Innovation Group at Simmons & Simmons, discusses taking positive action toward digital innovation

FinTech consortia

Know before you code

There’s a revolution coming in the financial services and asset management sector — and it’s travelling at light speed.

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